Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Great Open Cloud Shootout: Videos and other links

Today's Great Open Cloud Shootout was great fun -- at least for me! I had the pleasure to tease these distinguished gentlemen with cloudy questions:

  • Lew Tucker, Cloud CTO, Sun Microsystems

  • Monty Taylor, MySQL Drizzle Geek, Sun Microsystems

  • Jeremy Zawodny, MySQL hacker, craigslist

  • Chander Kant, CEO, Zmanda

  • Thorsten von Eicken, CTO, RightScale

  • Prashant Malik, Cassandra Dude, Facebook

  • Mike Culver, Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

I tried to provoke the panelists with questions around some areas I had thought out:

  • So, what is a cloud anyway?

  • Who is the cloud for?

  • Why use the cloud?

  • Cloud adoption barriers

  • Are there cloud standards?

  • Cloud Business Opportunities

  • Cloud Competition

  • Databases & Clouds

UPDATE: Here is a list of web resources on the shootout:

Judging from the nods and agreements between the panelists, the term "shootout" may have been a tad more aggressive than necessary to describe the discussion. But that didn't seem to disturb twitterers. I'm very glad to have got positive Twitter comments such as

  • andygrove73: Excellent cloud shootout at the MySQL conference. Would have liked to hear discussion about sharding on the #cloud though.

  • imsplitbit: RT @LenzGr: Great #cloud discussion at #mysqlconf, @sheeri is next. I agree, that was the best shootout I have been to.

  • imsplitbit: If you are at #mysqlconf and are not at the Cloud Panel discussion you are missing out! Not to mention LAME! #cloud

  • LenzGr: "Cloud not suitable for money laundry" (Monty Tailor in the #cloud shootout at #mysqlconf)

  • sheeri: RT @LenzGr: Love the pictures in Kaj's slide deck of the #cloud panel discussion #mysqlconf 

I'm grateful to Steve Curry for coming up with the idea to this keynote. Thank you! 

I also wanto to extend a big Thank you to all our panelists, and to the audience -- I hope you had as fun as I did!

Here are some more of Zack Urlocker's pictures (the first picture on top, in the rain-protective hat, is by Duncan Davidson): 


  1. Kaj,
    great panel. Best keynote of the conf (so far). Here's a link to a portion of the panel caught on video:


  2. I agree, this was a great panel discussion!

    More pictures from the MySQL Conference and the Cloud shootout are available from here:


  3. @ZUrlocker, @LenZ: Thanks -- both for the comments, the pictures and the video!


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