Monday, 13 April 2009

Andy Bechtolsheim to Keynote MySQL Conference on Thursday

The last open keynote slot in the MySQL Conference, Thursday 10:00am, is now filled with the keynoter we had in mind all the time: Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim.

Andy's bio is one of the longest and most impressive of MySQL Conference keynoters ever:

  • Sun co-founder, employee number one

  • invented the "Stanford University Network workstation" that eventually became the Sun-1 Workstation

  • was instrumental in launching other successful Sun products, including the SparcStation 1

  • now works with Sun's Systems Group to help drive next generation X64 and storage servers product architecture as well as HPC opportunities

  • left Sun in 1994 and rejoined 2005 through Sun acquiring his company Kealia

  • was one of the first investors in Google

What will Andy talk about? "The Solid State Storage Revolution" is the title. For more details, come to the conference!

But before that, I'd encourage you to take a closer look at his bio

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