Monday, 23 March 2009

MySQL & Google Summer of Code 2009 -- time to get going!

As Colin revealed last week, Google has accepted MySQL for the Google Summer of Code 2009.

We've already participated in GSoC 2007 and 2008, so this is our third year running. We know more than before about what's waiting for us, and so does our mentors and perhaps even some of our students. And in particular, Colin Charles has been our GSoC program coordinator all of these years, so he is quite seasoned by now.

The basic idea for MySQL to participate in Google Summer of Code is to provide students with an opportunity to contribute to MySQL, in return for some attention by our mentors. Or highly qualified and committed mentors of others who develop software tightly coupled with MySQL, for that matter. Well-known community members such as Marc Delisle, Sheeri Kritzer Cabral and Paul McCullagh have been MySQL GSoC mentors and we're hoping to be able to accept more non-Sun mentors this year. 

We're now in the phase where mentors and students from inside and outside Sun Microsystems can enter their MySQL related project suggestions to our Google Summer of Code MySQL ideas page.

However, if you're a potential mentor, you're in a hurry. The student application opens still today! So while we're still accepting mentor ideas, beware that the student application deadline is Friday next week (3 April 2009). Not much time for juggling ideas, entering them into the GSoC framework, and preliminiarily discussing with students.

The matching of mentors and students then goes on for a good week, until 15 April 2009. Decisions are announced 20 April 2009.

The coding itself begins 23 May 2009, or more precisely, that's when Google begins issuing initial payments for students who are "in good standing".

Mid-term evaluation is 13 July 2009, and work has to be done by 17 August 2009. Final evaluations happen, and final results are announced 25 August 2009.

If you're a student, here's what to do:

  1. Identify an interesting project in the MySQL GSoC Forge Wiki page

  2. If you have a great idea that you think Sun (or somebody else) is willing to sponsor, suggest it on that Wiki page

  3. Look at the Google SoC FAQ page at

If in doubt, email Colin at But do read his blog entry first!

Looking forwards to an interesting (Northern Hemisphere) Summer of Code 2009!


  1. It may be worth looking at this wiki, too:
    In particular with code contributions, the following high-level guideline would be useful:

  2. One of the suggested GSoC tasks is documentation. MySQL docs do not have an open-source license. Will that change?

  3. @Mark: Good point and good question! Honestly, I didn't think of that fact when I wrote it. I'll put on my thinking cap!