Thursday, 5 February 2009

MySQL Conference & Expo Adds Percona Events

Sun and O'Reilly have invited Percona to host their already-planned "Percona Performance Conference" in parallel to the MySQL Conference & Expo and the MySQL Camp, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I am very glad to report that Percona accepted our invitation and will join under the C&E umbrella, making an even richer experience for all pilgrims seeking enlightenment in Santa Clara next April.

The "Percona Performance Conference" is a new two-day event, a sort of mini-conference where Percona experts and guests will speak on high-performance LAMP topics.

It's also my pleasure to note three new presentations added to the MySQL Conference and Expo (C&E) agenda:

  • Make your life easier with Maatkit, Baron Schwartz

  • InnoDB Performance and Usability Patches, Vadim Tkachenko

  • Innodb database recovery techniques, Peter Zaitsev

Ideally I would have been able to share these news a bit earlier, but the birth process of this outcome was a bit long. My apologies to anyone who has suffered needlessly during the labour. However, good things sometimes take time. I am certain that the Percona Performance Conference will further increase the attractivity of the MySQL Conference & Expo week as the focal point of all things MySQL.

So a warm welcome to Percona! For their mini-conference agenda and more details, visit


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  2. This is great news. Percona does a lot to make MySQL users happier.

  3. Thanx for mentioning MySQL Camp :) Unfortunately instead of working together with MySQL Camp, Percona decided to go off on their own. It's a shame because instead of being an extra added bonus for MySQL Conference goers, it's in competition with the conference. Especially since Percona is speaking at the MySQL Camp anyway.

    If they could do the conference Friday, then at least it would be something that's an add-on, not a conflict. Particularly since there was already a free unconference scheduled. What a waste of money on Percona's part.