Friday, 27 February 2009

Kilimanjaro: The Promise of the Summit

So, there it was: The mandatory picture that every successful Kilimanjaro climber wants to brag with. And I am no better (or worse) than any of my predecessors. Of course, I want to show that I've conquered well over 13 % of the world's Seven Summits.

What did I see from the summit? A new release of MySQL? To be honest, my mind was completely off business. I was contemplating the most basic human needs. I wasn't feeling explicitly tired nor cold (except for my hands! I had taken off the gloves to take pictures). But I was completely out of breath, as the air is very thin at 5895 m above sea level. 

Now, I'm back home, tending to an inbox of over 400 emails personally addressed to me (and an unknown amount received through mailing lists). 

Luckily, I couldn't access those emails from the hotel in Tanzania where we stayed after the climb, so instead, I have been able to write plenty of Kilimanjaro related blogs. Each blog exists in one language only. First, the English blogs:

In German, I have so far only one blog

In Swedish, I wrote a whopping six blog entries:

I may or may not decide to translate (or rewrite) one or more of the non-English blog entries. Feel free to suggest which one would interest you!


  1. As an aside, Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is probably his best short story, and arguably one of the best short stories ever.

  2. Kaj
    congrats on the climb. Great pix and glad you made it. I think the MySQL "Summit" release will be very cool.

    Please translate a few of the blog entries into English, even if its just babblefish version.

  3. Ever considered carrying a small 7L oxygen bottle with you to help with the thin air?


  4. Hi Kaj,

    Congratulation on achieving 5895m! The pictures look awesome.

    The thin air really takes it toll and I've always wondered if its practical to carry an oxygen bottle.