Saturday, 7 February 2009

FOSDEM Sunday 13:15-14:15: Q&A on recent developments at Sun, MySQL Roadmap

Given the changes announced this week, I have updated my original plans for my presentation on Sunday. I was going to talk about Social networking, but am now changing it to a very interactive Q&A session.

I expect people are asking themselves

  • What has changed?

  • What will happen now?

  • What are the consequences for the MySQL roadmap?

  • Are there other consequences for the MySQL community?

and I will attempt at answering these questions interactively during FOSDEM.

Towards the end of next week, after internal coordination, I plan to share some further thinking on the "what will happen now" front with my blog readers.

What also I plan to do during tomorrow's FOSDEM session is to get plenty of feedback on internal thoughts about what the community expects from us. My aim is to ask the right questions. My aim is to listen. My aim is to be able to use the FOSDEM feedback in our own planning at Sun. My aim is not yet to give answers to what Sun will do to accommodate your feedback, not even in the blog towards end of next week. At least partial answers can be expected at the MySQL Conference & Expo 20-23 April 2009 in California, though.

Summary: Travel to Brussels, come to FOSDEM, follow the signs for the "AW Building", and go to the MySQL room AW1.126 in time before the start 13:15 tomorrow Sunday 8.2.2009. And tell us what you want Sun to do with MySQL!


  1. Good move. Good luck - and speak up everyone!

  2. Hopefully, during this period of change, we can also keep our sight on what it means to be open to customers, contributors and the community at large.

    Hopefully, we can apply these general "golden" rules as we move forward: