Monday, 2 February 2009

FOSDEM: See you in Brussels on Sat-Sun 7-8.2.2009

Like a number of other Sun people, whether MySQLers or not, I will travel to Brussels next weekend, for FOSDEM '09, an acronym which stands for the Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting.  

If you think you're late in registering, or if you don't have a budget, don't worry. Entrance is free, and registration isn't necessary. "Just come to the campus and enjoy the conference", the FOSDEM site stresses.

As for MySQL, we have a developers room on Sunday as follows:

Sun  09:00-10:00Practicing DBA's Guide to the PBXT Storage EngineVladimir Kolesnikov 
Sun  10:00-11:00Monitoring MySQLKris Buytaert 
Sun  11:00-11:45MySQL ClusterGeert Vanderkelen 
Sun  11:45-12:45MySQL 5.1 PluginsRoland Bouman 
Sun  13:15-14:15MySQL, powering and using Social NetworksKaj Arnö 
Sun  14:15-15:00Percona MySQL patches and the XtraDB storage engineEwen Fortune 
Sun  15:00-16:00Boost performance with MySQL 5.1 partitionsGiuseppe Maxia 
Sun  16:00-17:00Database ShardingJurriaan Persyn

I'm looking forward to taking a user perspective on social networks in my presentation at 13:15.

Do also take a look at our MySQL Forge Wiki page on FOSDEM 2009. We use it to broadcast any last minute information.

I hope to meet you in Brussels!

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