Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Recipe for celebrating MySQL 5.1 GA

Here is my personal recipe for celebrating MySQL 5.1 GA (called "Five shot one"):


Served in:

  • Five Iittala shot glasses from Finland

  • One HB 0,5 litre Weißbier glass from Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Thank you, MySQL Engineering Team!


  1. I dunno Kaj, this might cause even more controversy in our numbering system! I could totally see the beer drinkers calling for more "point" releases and the shot drinkers calling for more major releases!

    "Five shot three" instead of "six shot - oh"!



  2. Now the question begs, Kaj -- which order will you drink them in?

  3. So out of "1) Invite 5 friends for a toast or 2) have 5+1 drinks yourself", you apparently chose the second option? Very Finnish.

    Did I tell you the joke about a Finnish game, where you drink vodka and then try to guess who went outside the room?

  4. Aha! At last, I now see the reason why MySQL has had small minor version numbers since 4.0

    Drinking 11.5 litres of beer would be too much for most people and the 3 shots of vodka would have been long forgotten.

  5. This is a beautiful recipe for our celebrations. The rule should definitely be to drink all 5 shots in a row and then enjoy the beer.

    Thank you MySQL Engineering!!!

  6. Awesome, but as the only non-beer drinking in the bunch, I have to admit I'm looking forward to 6.0 even more so now than ever!

    Good job everyone!

  7. Jürgen Giesel17 December 2008 at 06:06

    Very nice! I am just wondering how you will celebrate updates like MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.72?

    Obviously the Weißbier glass will be empty but after that even you Scandinavian guy need to be careful what to drink 72 times ... ;-)

  8. So Kaj: For symbolizing the move from 5.0 to 5.1 you add a beer to celebrate the new features. But you only add *half* a glass of beer. This begs the question: Is the beer-glass half empty or half full ;-)

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