Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Meet MySQL's everyday heroes

Lenz GrimmerDuleepa Lenz Grimmer and Duleepa Wijayawardhana have made a series of interviews with the everyday heroes of MySQL. Some are oldtimers, others are new. Some previously worked for MySQL AB, others joined our team through Sun. But all are part of the fabric of today's MySQL.

Lenz and Dups asked a number of interesting questions from these guys:

Lars HeillAlexander Adam DonnisonMasood MortazaviStewart SmithIgnacio Galarza

  • What are the key principles of open development?

  • Whose philosophy is "My job is not to get excited. My job is to worry about our customers."

  • What are the "hidden ingredients" to make scale?

  • What are the challenges for the Release engineering team preparing for the post-5.1 GA world?

  • What will enable the Drizzle team to show the user how much memory each query consumed at various points of execution?

  • Who has run MySQL 5.1 in production for 18 months?

  • Why is the Win32 API a challenge?

  • Who is a generalist with a preference for the Windows platform?

  • Who has a perspective on the MySQL Support Team dating all the way back to 2002?

  • Who is looking forward to the MySQL Cluster 6.4 release?

  • What is the SunInventory web service?

  • Who was born in Northern Norway? Who has family in Iran, Turkey and Germany?

  • Whose Ph.D. dissertation was titled "Vortex-Vortex Interactions and Probability Density Function Methods"? Who has written COBOL for a living?

  • Who thinks "Photography feeds my soul"?

  • What is the meaning of the acronym "WTF"?

  • Whose office is "a semi-grown-up nerd's playroom"?

  • Who worked as root@local.internet.provider and didn't find Oracle for Linux and hence started with MySQL 3.22?

  • Who works daily on C, C++, Pascal, JavaScript, CMake, WiX, Lua, Perl on Windows, Linux and Mac?

  • Who isn't even 30 years old yet, but claims to look older?

  • Who wants to make MySQL development processes contributor friendly?

  • Whose beard froze in the -25 to -30 degree winters in China's northeastern provinceof Heilongjiang?

  • Who works in Menlo Park? Trondheim? Melbourne? Orlando? Sofia? Rural Victoria?

  • Will the next Bourne film be called "Database supremacy"?

For the answers (or hints at answers) to these and other questions, go read the interviews!

Thank you, Lars, Masood, Stewart, Salle, Adam and Iggy -- both for your daily heroics, and for telling us about it!

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