Thursday, 4 December 2008

Freedom to work anywhere

You remember our slogan "Freedom to work anywhere", meaning that MySQL doesn't require you to relocate to Uppsala, Cupertino, München or anywhere, to join the company? And that you sometimes can work even far away from home? Sun continued this policy, more or less. Now, Dups is taking the policy to extremes.

Background: As a colleague and fellow mountaineer, I had heard of Dups wanting to do some mountaineering in the Andes well before hearing that he would want to join the Community Team. And hence, it was an easy thing for Dups to convince Giuseppe and me that he would retain his mountaineering plans, even though he joined our team. Hey, he can work nearly as well from Quito as he can from home.

Basically, Dups hasn't necessarily done anything more just now than fulfilling those plans. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to share what he's done, since Dups has given a perfect illustration of the extremes to which you can take the Freedom To Work Anywhere, by posting an 8 min 13 sec long video on YouTube.

So if you want 8 min 13 sec of impressive distraction, then I suggest you go take a look at his video.

This is what impresses me (not necessarily in this order):

1. That Dups climbs Rucu Pichincha, 4,784 m
2. That he videotapes it
3. That he speaks coherently [*] for 8 min 13 sec without interruption
4. That he puts it up on YouTube in real time
5. That he dedicates the video to Giuseppe, at about 4:15
6. That he is now back working, at his keyboard

[*] Relatively speaking, given the altitude and strain

I still have quite a bit of catching up to do, Dups. But I have already booked my trip to Kilimanjaro, so I am following your footsteps!



  1. Matthew Montgomery4 December 2008 at 15:07

    That is one of my favorite perks working here:

    I was able to take a trip to New Orleans for a few days and keep working the whole time. Even on the road thanks to my friend's EVDO card.

  2. it breaks my heart that telecommuting while abroad is infact mostly illegal.
    I was sure that the sun acquisition would kill this perk for mysql employees.

    It will only take one employee being caught working while on a tourist visa to throw Sun's current/potential business with that countries government into question. This is why HR people have sticks up their bums.

    I am a fan of the don't ask don't tell method to working abroad but personal accountability while working overseas is only ever legally accurate when contracting. For this reason all fulltime employees are going to get a "no" when asking permission from HR

    You guys are breaking the law just like recording a tv show is breaking the law.. I'd say watchout for your new colleagues who don't see the shades of grey