Saturday, 6 December 2008

Back from Ukraine and Russia

Now being back from last week's trip to Ukraine and this week's trip to Russia, it's time for an overview.

MySQL was prominently present at both Sun events, the one in Kiev on 26.11.2008 and the one in Moscow last Tuesday 2.12.2008. It was good to discuss with local Sun guys, and to meet MySQL community people and colleagues in both places.

The two first pictures in this post are from the community event at a university of economy in Moscow.

Like elsewhere, I started in the local language (which, perhaps surprisingly, frequently seems to be Russian also in Ukraine), followed by a "MySQL in the Web Economy" presentation in English.

Russia and Ukraine are interesting places, so I blogged quite a bit about the event. But I don't want to spam Planet MySQL with travel tips and reports of Russian saunas, Russian taxis and Russian food. So here's a short overview of the other blogs I wrote.

In Swedish:

In German:

In English:

In Russian:

Let me conclude by sharing some of the pictures found in the detail blog postings, in miniature format:

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  1. Just to say that i loved your various descriptions of your time spent in Russia -I have never been to Ukraine-, that they seemed surprisingly similar to my own experience in St Petersburg in spring 2003. I went back this last summer, due to a friendly bunch of friends made out there and a great love of Russian culture. It's an amazing country, everyone should visit it once in their lives, at least!