Friday, 21 November 2008

Ivan Nikitin: Moving home to Denmark from the clinic in Heidelberg

More good news on Ivan Nikitin!

Yesterday, I got an email and some fresh pictures from a happy Andrii Nikitin, Ivan's father. He met with a Danish doctor last week, and it seems as if everything is ready for Ivan and the rest of the family to move from the German clinic to Denmark at the end of November. The Nikitin family is settling down in Denmark and Andrii is already employed by Sun Microsystems Denmark.

Andrii, the proud father, says Ivan looks like any boy now. Sure, Ivan still gets tired a bit faster than other boys his age, and sometimes, he has a small nose bleed. However, the Nikitin family is now able to live as most families do.

The generous donations by the MySQL community and Sun employees were enough to cover the expert treatment Ivan got in Germany. It wouldn't have covered a transplantation, but it looks increasingly unlikely that one will be needed. The Nikitins and all MySQL guys at Sun are very, very grateful for the donations.

So to sum it up: Ivan Nikitin's future is painted in much brighter colours than ever before!

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