Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Reminder: MySQL User Conference CfP ends in two weeks!

Reminders work. At least on me. I try to Get Things Done (TM) efficiently, but slips do happen. And when they do, reminding me has a good chance to influence my priorities. I hope I'm not alone in this fallibility.

And therefore I want to remind you that you've still got two weeks to reply to our Call for Participation in the MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, California on 20-23 April 2009.

A few items to remember:

  • We have plenty already, but we're looking for more proposals. It does make our selection process harder (that's when the Program Committee sits down and asks itself "what's right for the conference and its participants"), but that's a task that we are happy to work on.

  • The theme of the conference is "Innovation Everywhere", so put an emphasis on innovative proposals! Giuseppe has something to add on this.

  • Look at Giuseppe Maxia's suggestions on how to get your proposal accepted to the MySQL Conference 2009, or Baron Schwartz's and Colin Charles's respective suggestions from last year.

  • This year, we will approve some sessions conditionally, meaning that the decisions we start making after the CfP has closed won't necessarily be binary (accepted/rejected), so some of you may expect further contacts from us.

Looking forward to more proposals the upcoming two weeks. Why don't you propose something innovative right now?

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