Sunday, 19 October 2008

Photography blog in German started

I just started a new blog on photography, in German. It's based in and so far only has just four entries -- one on a photo session with fashion photographer Riccardo Desiderio, one on my ensuing autumn portraits of my wife along the Isar here in Munich, one on fun underwater photography (autotranslated to English) and another about a Panama hat (also autotranslated).

Kaj with Ohrid filter

Judging from the quality of the auto translations, this is going to be only for German readers. So far, I've mostly stated

Perhaps this new blog may mean I won't disturb with endless posts on mountaineering and running any longer, where one mentioning of the word "MySQL" triggers the aggregation of a huge entry.

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  1. Cool! Nice photos of Kirsten & Sophia, too! The white is very stylish.