Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ivan Nikitin is feeling better and better

Good news: Ivan Nikitin is feeling better all the time. He has gone through insightful treatment in Heidelberg, and he is responding very well to it. The best part is that while the donations aren't yet sufficient for a transplantation, it does look as if a transplantation may not even be necessary; the German doctors give Ivan's body a chance to regenerate by itself, and it worked. And the generous donations from MySQLers, from classic Sun employees and also from the MySQL user community have made Ivan's treatment in Heidelberg possible, something for which we are all very grateful.

Ivan Nikitin in Georg Richter's lap (in Georg's boat)

Ivan's father Andrii allowed me to publicly quote his email to MySQL employees:
Hello MySQLers,

Ivan's condition goes with most optimal scenario - doctors think he will not require transplantation because he provides positive answer to treatment from German doctors. Ivan's state is better with every day since August, but to be sure doctors suggest that we should visit Heidelberg clinic for 5-6 weeks (hopefully not more).

Ivan is allowed to do whatever he wants so he enjoys running, shouting, singing, playing, (even swimming), etc. This is very unusual and happy time for us after 9 months in Kiev clinic with heavy medicine where he was allowed to go outside and see parents just couple times per week.

So we are very happy family now! I am sure this is because so many people think and care about us! Thanks everybody for donations and support! Many thanks to Georg who is helping us all the time and especially for arrangement of our arrival to Heidelberg!

Andrii, Alice, Ivan, Artem

A cropped version of the above, with just Georg and Ivan

I don't yet have an update about the financials, i.e. how much money has been collected, and how much is needed by his treatment. I hope to fill you in on those things in my next Ivan blog entry.

But in the meantime, I'm very happy to share this good news!


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  3. Kaj -- thanks for the update!

  4. Reading this is such a good start for a new day! (And I've already read the e-mail before, but even so, reading it again with the photo was even better!)

    Greetings Ivan!

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  6. I was really wondering what happened to Ivan.
    It's good to know that things turned out for the best.
    We'll keep our fingers crossed for Ivan.
    Stay strong.

  7. It is great to hear about Ivan's recovery. Thanks for sharing the news.

  8. That is great news! I'm so glad to hear that Ivan is doing well. Very best of luck with his ongoing treatment, and please keep us updated with his ongoing progress.