Thursday, 23 October 2008

Deadline extension: MySQL Conf Call for Papers open until 5 Nov 2008

Call for Papers"Reminders work. At least on me." I confessed in my previous CfP posting.

Well, guess what also works on me? Deadline extensions! I aim at making most (ehh, all) deadlines, but at times, I fail. And I have observed similar behaviour in others.

And therefore we have extended our CfP to 5 November 2008 (all fellow Europeans out there: "midnight 11/05/2008 PST" looks like mid May, but isn't).

Some key points:

  1. We're looking at high quality presentations

  2. We're looking at innovation, i.e. *new* things

  3. We're looking at covering main areas of MySQL usage

Obviously, we want all three of the above. And despite the fact that we have 284 applications (a hundred more than at the same time last year), we still see some holes when it comes to some main areas of MySQL usage. So if you have recently innovated with MySQL in the Java area, or Windows, or combining MySQL with other Sun software such as GlassFish, NetBeans, OpenSolaris or OpenOffice, you may have a good chance at hitting a sweet spot.

Go propose!

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