Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Identity: Email Migrated To @Sun.COM


Yesterday, I completed a most significant emotional step in the integration of MySQL into Sun. As about 75 % of MySQLers had already done prior to myself, I migrated my main mail account from MySQL's mail server to Sun's.

Yes, I am still reachable And I was already earlier reachable on @Sun.COM, in addition to my private But now Sun's email server is the one I use for both sending and receiving email. So this minor administrative step raises questions for me whether my signature should primarily feature my @Sun.COM email address, or whether I should remain Luckily (strangely? sadly?) Sun allows me to follow my own judgement on this one.

A reason for happiness is that I am reachable as "kaj" on both and This relieves me from the humiliation of constantly seeing a new, unfamiliar garbling of my last name. In Finland, we're of course used to foreigners not knowing the final three letters of our alphabet, "åäö". So I've been garbled to "Arno" on occasion in my adult life. Dropping the dots and rings is a more or less official misspelling custom of email addresses in Nordic countries, so while it still hurts my eyes, it's something I've grown accustomed to. However, the Germans misspell differently. They garble me to "Arnoe". While each country has its own customs, and I tell myself to be respectful of that, I still get frustrated every time my name is violated.

So please email me on a first-name basis. As, as, or as firstname@lastname.countryofcitizenship.


  1. It would be all ok if would not be garbled to Firstname.Lastname@Sun.COM

    Uppercasing COM really hurts my eyes. Is it only me who is used to all lowercase email addresses?

  2. Are you aware that since a couple of years ago, you can also register åäö letters in .fi domains? So you should really have kaj@arnö.fi :-)

  3. Merhaba Hakan! You're right, for some reason there is a preference for @Sun.COM over Perhaps it's a desire to be different. It hurts my eyes somewhat less than yours.

  4. Godafton Henrik. Yes I knew of the possibility of registering åäö in Finnish domain names. And I also thought of whether I should register such a domain as @arnö.fi. But whereas it might be due to my ignorance, I have yet to see the email that uses 8-bit ASCII email addresses. No Må, no Kaj.Arnö, no fö If I start seeing those, I will request @arnö.fi.

    BTW, you don't happen to be Henrik@Ingö.fi, do you?