Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Football galore -- Inter using MySQL 5.1

Within minutes after Finland was just about to win 3:2 over Germany in the football world championship qualifications (but it ended 3:3), I got a bit of consolation for myself, my dual-citizenship son cheering for Finland, and my fellow countrymen using MySQL:

We have the next MySQL 5.1 Use Case article live, and it's about FC Inter Milan. No Finns playing there (but stars such as Ibrahimovic, Materazzi, Luis Figo, and Adriano). And, from a MySQL perspective, the interesting point is that FC Inter Milan is using both MySQL 5.1 Partitioning and the Event Scheduler in an innovative way.

Thanks Corrado Pandiani for the story -- let's hope your good Use Case inspires others!



  1. interesting article +1

  2. Kaj, it's great that MySQL is racking up 5.1 use cases and user stories, but tell us, what's behind the delay in 5.1 GA?

    You wrote in an earlier blog posting, "MySQL version 5.1 is going through its final release candidate versions and is expected to go GA by the end of the calendar year."

    But back last April, we were told of "pending general availability" and of a "near-final release candidate" that, in retrospect, wasn't so "near final." Why has the GA release taken so much longer than we were led to believe it would?



  3. [...] my son Alexander faced (and explained in his newly started German language football blog) when MySQL 5.1 user Corrado Pandiani from Inter Milan sent him gadgets that on the one hand are objectively speaking very cool (such as [...]

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