Friday, 25 July 2008

Paris, City of Love and MySQL -- 19 September 2008

In an internal mail thread, I was asked whether there would be any "objections from an integration perspective" to some Sun initiated plans for a more organised French MySQL community.

My reply was that it's great, if it's something related to the self-organisation of the already very active French MySQL community (as witnessed for instance by the huge numbers that Véronique Loquet of Al'x Communication attracted to our Paris meetup in April). But if it's about a centrally-imposed structure of "marketing towards the user base", then I want to understand more and we need to discuss a bit further.

Based on the video link that Véronique sent me, it seems to be more of the former -- or if it's the latter, then they seem to have got it just right, for an event planned for 19 September 2008.

This is one of the best MySQL videos -- at least the funniest -- that I've seen so far!

As for the 19 Sep 2008 event, I hope I can make it, but it might be tough. Take a look at the video, and you know why (specifically why I hope to make it, not why it might be tough).

INSERT INTO plage (fille) VALUE ('mignonne');
DELETE FROM beaugosse WHERE cheveux LIKE 'Blond';
UPDATE geek SET serial = 'Lover';


  • plage = beach

  • fille = girl

  • mec = guy

  • mignonne = beautiful

  • beaugosse = handsome

  • cheveux = hair

  • moi = me

  • toi = you

La communauté MySQL se donne rdv;
le 19/09/2008;
à la cantine;
à partir de 18H;

Plus d'informations bientôt sur

Geek: Victor Rieunier;
fille: Mathilde Mallen;
Production: QNTV;
Réalisation: Morgan;
Musique: amsteroller;


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