Monday, 21 July 2008

Ivan Nikitin has arrived in Germany

Ivan NikitinAndrii Nikitin, his wife and their kids arrived in Germany today. Fellow MySQL Support Engineer Axel Schwenke gave them a ride from the airport to Heidelberg, where Ivan had his first medical checkup at the University Hospital.

Georg Richter has organised an apartment for the first days - until they get some furniture for the final one.

From what can be seen, they all do fine. About Ivan - that remains to be seen.

Footnote from our request to donate to help Andrii Nikitin's son Ivan:
Donations are requested to help Andrii Nikitin, a MySQL support engineer in Ukraine, provide for his son Ivan who requires a bone marrow transplant operation. The cost of this operation is expected to be between €150,000 - €250,000 ($235,000 - $400,000). Please help us provide Ivan a chance to live.

Yes, you can still help!


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