Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ivan Nikitin: Contributions and Medical Status

Here's an update on Ivan's status, both from a medical and contributions perspective. Three days ago, I wrote that Ivan has arrived in Germany. Instead of posting all my news on Ivan as new posting each time, I will at irregular intervals keep this page up to date.

Andrii, Ivan and the rest of the family have now started settling in in Heidelberg. Georg Richter has found an apartment for them close to the hospital, and they will move there in a few days.

The first round of tests and examinations (blood tests, bone marrow punctation) has been concluded, but I won't share any speculations on this until we've got them confirmed. The examinations will continue, and the best case scenario is that a transplant could happen 8 - 10 weeks from now.

Currently donations for Ivan are at about EUR 90,000. Most of it comes from Sun Dolphins (former MySQLers) and to some extent from Sun Classic employees. And more than 25% represent donations from the MySQL Community! Thanks everyone! The German clinic expects at least an additional EUR 150,000 to be needed, though, so I encourge those of you who haven't contributed yet to press the "Donate" button at the end of the article on our official Ivan page.


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