Friday, 27 June 2008

"MySQL was born at Teknologföreningen"

Teknologföreningen (or TF for short) is the Swedish language student corporation at Helsinki University of Technology. That's where I started my studies in 1981 at the Department of Physics, together with Mårten Mickos and Michael "Monty" Widenius.

TF has a tradition of each year publishing "Katalogen", a membership directory and year book, to finance its activities. The way for sponsors to stand out in this yearbook is to have the funniest cartoon. And we're happy to support TF, where "MySQL was born" (Swedish: "MySQL föddes på TF") as we humbly claim in our ad this year:

Note: The "mother" giving birth to MySQL's mascot dolphin Sakila is TF's building Urdsgjallar, which has the shape of a drinking horn seen from an aerial perspective. According to legend, it has "no two perpendicular walls". The name of the building derives from Gjallarhorn of Norse mythology). And the two "teknologer" (students at a University of Technology, generally in Finland or Sweden) are wearing "teknologmössor", hats that denote membership and are decorated by a tassel (Swedish "tofs"). The drawing was made by Bosse Österberg (architect, song-writer and artist), who made drawings for Katalogen already in 1981.


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