Friday, 27 June 2008

Thank you, Ingrid Vos and Marketing Communications!

Late February 2002 at the recommendation of our then-advisor Florian Müller, I first met with Ingrid Vos at Cafe Glockenspiel in Munich. Right thereafter, her company Marketing Communications became MySQL's German PR agency.

Ingrid and her Munich based team have accompanied MySQL AB -- and specifically MySQL GmbH -- now for over six years. It has been a fantastic ride together. She has introduced us to numerous German journalists, and fixed plenty of meetings for MÃ¥rten, myself and others. Always with efficiency, a positive attitude, a happy smile and a friendly Austrian touch.

Being acquired by Sun Microsystems means changes in how we do lots of things, and one of those changes is that we won't be working with Ingrid any longer.

Thank you, Ingrid! I'll miss you.


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