Friday, 27 June 2008

MySQL-Sun integration articles in Forum för Ekonomi och Teknik

Under the title of "From MySQL to Sun", I'm writing a monthly column to a Swedish-language business publication called "Forum för Ekonomi och Teknik", about the Sun-MySQL integration.

If you happen to read Swedish, you may want to take a look at the five articles that have appeared so far:

  • Issue 2: "En bra start" ("A Good Start"): HTML PDF

  • Issue 3: "Ut pÃ¥ turné" ("Going on a Roadshow"): HTML PDF

  • Issue 4: "En ny kropp" ("A New Body"): HTML PDF

  • Issue 5: "MÃ¥rten avgör" ("MÃ¥rten Decides"): HTML PDF

  • Issue 6: "Delad identitet" ("A Shared Identity"): HTML PDF

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