Monday, 30 June 2008

Kaj's Digest Blog for January to June 2008

Blogs are good for many things. One of them is not easy aggregation. So I decided to make this digest blog of the 71 blog entries I've written so far in 2008.

The first category is Sun-MySQL acquisition and integration. To be specific, the first blog entry in this category didn't even touch upon Sun; on 7 January 2008, I noted that nearly all of us 400 MySQLers met in Orlando, Florida. Then and there, on 16 January, we announced that Sun acquires MySQL. The same day, I spoke to the MySQL founders Monty and David on their Sun feelings, and bragged that we "taught Sun a lesson", with links to our singing of "Helan går" on stage.

At the end of that week, I shared that I was appointed MySQL's Ambassador to Sun, and reflected about the most action-packed week of my MySQL life until then.

Then, the Sun ambassadorial visits started. I picked Finland first, and took two new Sun colleagues to the student corporation where we spent most of the 1980s.

Then, I announced our Integration Kickoff in Menlo Park 29-31 January 2008. I spoke about Jonathan's Hippocratic oath. Our co-founder Monty met with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and CTO Greg Papadopoulos. Josh Berkus of PostgreSQL fame joined the three-day mtg.

Follow-up activities started, such as a study group on MySQL culture. On 26 February 2008, the deal was closed, and MySQL became officially part of Sun.

Then, the MySQL World Tour started, first on IRC. The week of 10-14 March was the most hectic one. We used what I called Decadence Airlines. My blog link evidently caused Google to identify NetJets if you google for "Decadence Airlines". We started in Sweden, didn't get immigration cards in Moscow, shot with Kalashnikovs in Izhevsk, saw oodles of churches in Kiev, and downgraded from Decadence Airlines to Lufthansa when flying from Hamburg to Munich.

We then had a great meeting with Sun Fellows and Distinguished Engineers at Tech@Sun.

April, May and June I largely spent with commercial Meetup-Mashup meetings worldwide: Paris and Milan in Europe was followed by Tokyo, where I observed clothing sizes and Finland Swedish cultural imperialism. In Beijing, my presentation was captured on video. Prague, Istanbul and St Petersburg were mentioned only on an aggregated level in my reflections on The Why and How To of Localising Presentations beyond English.

Moreover, Sun also did some anthropology studies of MySQL. And we were present at CommunityOne and JavaOne.

For business readers who understand Swedish, I pointed out my five Sun-MySQL integration columns in Forum för Ekonomi och Teknik.

I concluded the quarter through thanking Ingrid Vos and Véronique Loquet, who did MySQL's PR in Germany and France for many years.

MySQL Community related blog entries is the second category. I did fewer of those than before, with Giuseppe Maxia the Data Charmer appointed our new Community Team Leader. But I did speak on the Open Source Yearbook at CeBIT, I did have lunch with Mayflower, I did promote MySQL Forge 2.0 and I did spend time with Jim Grisanzio in Japan, pondering the definition of Community. In Japan I also saw a demo of the Senna / Tritonn fast full text search engine, and I noted that our Community provided free hosting of MySQL 5.1 and 6.0 databases.

I recommended everyone to check out MySQL Workbench, our DB design tool, the successor of DB Designer 4.

We opened the MySQL Summer of Code, for which we accepted fourteen projects.

I met with Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu in Prague, and in St Petersburg I got all excited about using NetBeans as an IDE for developing and learning the C/C++ code that constitutes MySQL itself.

We concluded June by hoping to foster more participation through starting to use Bazaar for version control.

The MySQL Users Conference in April was a third big blog category. The UC started by Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green crashing the community pre-conference dinner party. We handed out the MySQL Community Awards for 2008. One of the winners, Sheeri Kritzer Cabral blogged and vlogged profusely. I shared my observations of the first morning's keynotes through my 8mm fisheye lense. Photography was done by more talented people than myself, with Julian Cash doing light painting. And Barton George podcasted.

Other categories aren't big enough to make up subcategories. In May, I had the debatable pleasure of re-stating that MySQL Server is Open Source. I described the separate / improved release model of MySQL Cluster.

I noted Sandro Groganz started a new Open Source marketing consultancy, and Symbian going FOSS.

I concluded the quarter by noting that our founders donated 200 000 dollars to the Software Freedom Law Center, and joking about the drawing on MySQL being born at Teknologföreningen.

That is, if you don't count the category of personal blog entries. I noted that Germany smells good, with something at least resembling a ban on public smoking. I bragged about having run 1259 km in 2007 and about having run a half marathon in 1:46:05. And in the winter, I went skiing with Ötzi and my son Alexander, with whom I conquered K2 and the Wildspitze in Austria.

Looking forward to a busy second half of the year!

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