Friday, 30 May 2008

Ubuntu and MySQL: Getting closer?

Last week in Prague, I met with Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for version 8.10.

Kaj Mark Arseniy Matt

myself, Mark Shuttleworth, Arseniy Kuznetsov (Sun, NetBeans), Matt Zimmermann (Canonical CTO)

As you would expect, we discussed Canonical's and MySQL's offerings to the market. And we pondered on possibilities for joint customers to have the best of both worlds: Wouldn't it be great if MySQL users on Ubuntu could get the "best bits" from MySQL through the software delivery mechanisms of Ubuntu?


Mark drew the above picture on a piece of paper (which I used Omni Graffle to capture in .png form), and we decided to explore how the "curved orange" part of the customer experience could be improved.


  1. It would be really nice to see this, particularly the cluster stuff delivering up-to-date stable releases without crashes on the cluster.

    Better performance in the NDB engine would be nice, also.