Friday, 23 May 2008

MySQL Cluster's Improved Release Model

The upcoming 5.1.25 release will see a change with regards to MySQL Cluster:

MySQL 5.1.25 binaries will be released without Cluster support.

This is due to a change in the development cycle of MySQL Cluster. The work on Cluster specific features is largely independent from the rest of the MySQL Server, which has resulted in our decision to release MySQL Cluster separately from the rest of the MySQL Server, effective with MySQL 5.1.25.

This change just goes for the binaries, though. Let me reassure you that:

  • Sun is still releasing MySQL Cluster under the GPL, as before.

  • MySQL 5.1 source code will still include Cluster, and you can download and compile it with Cluster, if you wish.

The only change is that we're now releasing two separate packages.

MySQL Cluster is being developed and maintained at a different pace, compared to the regular server. In addition, we have learned that our current users of MySQL Cluster are not as concerned about the regular server's features. Typical Cluster customer installations rely mostly on updated cluster features. Many users of Cluster use the direct API rather than the SQL interface.

We hope this division will bring benefits for all parties involved:

  • Cluster releases will be happening more quickly, as Cluster releases are fairly independent of MySQL Server releases. With new releases of MySQL Cluster no longer tied to the release of the regular server, cluster users will get their updates as soon as the Cluster software is updated, regardless of whether the regular server is being patched or not.

  • The new Cluster package includes the Carrier Grade Edition, which contains a juicy list of features (

  • Users of the main MySQL Server will now be able to download a smaller package with a quicker test suite. This should really help those with low bandwidth connections.

The change is evident when you look at the developer zone ( where MySQL Cluster uses a different release numbering scheme from MySQL Server, and is labeled 6.2.15. This is not the regular server version. 6.2.15 is the Cluster version, and this package is based on MySQL 5.1.

Bug fixes to the Cluster will be ported to the main server when appropriate. Bug fixes to the main server will be merged to the Cluster sources on a regular basis.

Finally, where shall you turn for the downloads?


  1. A sensible and practical move. Good Stuff.

  2. the link here:

    .. leads to nowhere!

  3. The doesn't work?

  4. Thanks Peter and Arjen! I updated the link under The new "Cluster package includes the Carrier Grade Edition, which contains a juicy list of features".

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