Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Fourteen Summer of Code projects accepted 2008

This year, we got fourteen Google Summer of Code projects accepted. Colin Charles has informed the students, and things can now get started!

The first step is what's called the Community Bonding Period. That's happening right now, and also being facilitated by Colin. Colin has written a summary of the Community Bonding period on the Forge Wiki, and there's also a general description by Google.

We expect great things from the students. We want them to produce code that our userbase can use as features in MySQL.

Given our high expectations for what the students produce, we don't expect all fourteen projects to succeed. And we do want our students to be an integral part of the MySQL community even after they're done with the Summer of Code 2008.

I'd also like to add that we're grateful for the mentoring participation from the MySQL community, where PBXT and phpMyAdmin are worthy of mentioning.

Looking forward to the code produced, and to Colin's upcoming blogs on SoC progress reports!



  1. Hey, I found your blog! Very interesting, I'll come back here often. It was great meeting you here in Beijing. Hope you'll get to make a trip back here soon.

    - melanie

  2. Also good is that there were nearly 50 submissions in the MySQL category for GSoC. Unfortunately they can't all go ahead, but it shows good interest.