Thursday, 24 April 2008

Beijing Meetup Mashup: MySQL - Sun in China

We had over 400 participants in yesterday's MySQL-Sun event in China! Plus another 30 or so in the press event, happening in parallel.

Beijing, if nobody noticed, is preparing for the Olympics. Here's the so called Birds Nest, that we passed several times on the way to various meetings -- including yesterday's event.

After initial linguistic difficulties, Larry Stefonic (MySQL VP APAC) found our way to the event.

This was the first MySQL-Sun event with a banner across a street!

Everything takes place in Chinese here. About as much as it's Japanese in Japan. In Europe, we seem to give way too much way for English.

And to accommodate to the local situation, I gave my presentation (on MySQL-Sun integration) in Chinese. It was about 8 minutes, and I was happy to be several times interrupted for applause. And I didn't say anything particularly smart -- just read aloud my normal presentation, albeit in Chinese. Judging by the warm reception, that's not an everyday gesture by Westerners in Beijing.

Now, after nearly three weeks on the road, I'm finally going back home. Hence the popular Chinese gesture: the Thumbs Up sign.

Thanks to everyone who arranged the event -- especially, Scott Chen at Sun in Beijing, and Yoko Suga-san with the MySQL APAC team!


  1. Wow you're already in China. Talk about a world traveler :)

    Good to see so much momentum going on world wide.

  2. Kaj,

    Is your presentation recorded somewhere? Next time, we can chat in Chinese.