Tuesday, 25 March 2008

MySQL Forge 2.0 released

Point your browsers to forge.mysql.com.

  • MySQL Forge is the directory for projects related to MySQL.

  • New MySQL functionality under work is described on the Forge Worklog.

  • New Forge 2.0 features includes site-wide search, commenting and voting.

  • Forge 2.0 hence sports ranking of projects.

  • Forge 2.0 has a new people section with profiles and listings of contributed tools.

  • The tools section is a code and tool repository for smallish code snippets.

  • The Preview Section lists sneak peeks at products before their official distribution.

  • The Forge Wiki is a community-maintained documentation repository.

Thanks Jay Pipes for the stamina to get out Forge 2.0, in the middle of all the work as the Program Chair for the MySQL Users Conference, coming up in less than a month!


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