Monday, 25 February 2008

Two days to save 200 US dollars

For a change, let me remind you of the upcoming MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara. It's less than two months from now; it'll be from Monday 14 April 2008 to Thursday 17 April 2008. Same place as last year: Santa Clara, California, USA.

My reminder is triggered by the fact that tomorrow is the last day for Early Registration, by which conference participation costs 1299 instead of 1499 dollars (or, if you skip the Monday tutorials, 999 instead of 1199 dollars). In short, early registration saves you 200 dollars.

I do think the UC is at least as interesting as last year, and I'm very happy about our line-up of keynoters, which includes Sun's CEO Jonathan Schwartz, MySQL's CEO MÃ¥rten Mickos, Werner Vogels (, Rick Falkvinge (Swedish Pirate Party), Dick Hardt (Sxip), and Jacek Becla (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). For those of you who didn't go to OSCON 2007, Rick Falkvinge may be an unknown name, but boy, did he have the full attention of the audience with a message that wasn't exactly the average conference keynote.


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