Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Preparing for the Sun-MySQL Integration Kickoff

The last few days before the Sun-MySQL Integration Kickoff happening 29-31 January 2008 at Sun's headquarters in Menlo Park, quite a few European MySQLers have approached me with concerns related to the potential danger of a skewed focus on the US in the integration discussions. After all, MySQL AB originates in Scandinavia and almost a majority of our employees work outside the US, so some aspects of MySQL AB should remain Scandinavian or European, even though we're been acquired by a Silicon Valley based company.

While this geographic concern will remain on my agenda, yesterday evening provided some peace of mind on this account. Summoned by our Scandinavian CEO, a group of MySQLers (American and European) met at the Ikea restaurant in East Palo Alto.

Both the furniture and the food at Ikea looked much like in Gloms, Esbo (in my native Finland), or Kungens kurva close to Stockholm, or anywhere in Europe. Or presumably anywhere in the world. Even the meatballs tasted the same.

Another point of comfort for worried Europeans is the German Handelsblatt blog, where the blogger wonders who actually acquired whom -- and what "the Vikings" will make happen with the acquiring company.

We'll see!

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