Sunday, 20 January 2008

Giuseppe Maxia the Data Charmer is MySQL's new Community Team Leader

Giuseppe Maxia (stress on the "i", MaxIa, not MAxia) is now the new Community Team Leader. On Friday, our Data Charmer from Sardinia in Italy agreed to assume the responsibility of leading our Community Team, as I'm busy with my new appointment to Ambassador to Sun.

Giuseppe Maxia

This means that Giuseppe now has a team of three Community Managers for each time zone, Jay Pipes in North America (NAM), Lenz Grimmer in Europe (EMEA), and Colin Charles in Asia Pacific (APAC). For the time being, Giuseppe reports to me.

Jay Pipes is the Program Chair for the upcoming MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, the main MySQL community event of the year.

One issue remains. "Community Team Leader" seems like a boring title. What title should we pick for Giuseppe? Given Giuseppe's character and name of his blog (, why not "Chief Community Charmer"? Or if not Charmer, then what about "Catalyst?" If you have ideas, email him and/or me!

1 comment:

  1. "Community Cat Herder"?

    Actually, "Lead Community Catalyst" works well for the sense that it's not a matter of being "in charge" of the community, but rather, as a guiding figure and nurturing helper.