Sunday, 13 January 2008

Germany smells good

Giuseppe Maxia had a stop-over yesterday on his way to the MySQL Staff Meeting. We met for community discussions, and rounded off with Weißbier and dinner in Munich's famous Hofbräuhaus.

What a fantastic feeling! The Bavarian spirit of joy and happiness has been decoupled from tobacco stench! I've always liked the first and hated the second.

So the German non-smoker protection legislation of 1 January 2008 is good news for anyone considering arranging meetings in Germany. You will no longer be "welcomed" at the airport by an offensive smell. Headaches in German restaurants will now correlate mostly with the amount of alcohol you drink.

Germany just became an even better place to work and live.


  1. Congratulations!! That's great news.

    Life in California improved in 1994, when the state enacted a smoking ban in all public places. This improves the smell of course, but also improves public health. Most restaurants and bars have reported increased business too.

  2. ...and I really, really hope those fanatic tobacco addicts won't have any success with the lawsuit against said legislation, which sadly is underway :-(

  3. You haven't been to a live concert in germany since the non-smoke-law, have you? There's far worse odours than cigarette smoke. Somehow smoke does suppress those :)

  4. Absolutely correct. My wife is German (from Munich actually) but we live in California (totally smoke free, which we love).

    I just got back from Germany, and I had the exact same experience. No longer walking into a cafe or restaurant and being blasted a thick cloud of caustic smoke.

    It TOTALLY changes the experience, in a good way.

    P.S. When in Munich, be sure to visit the Schneider Braeuhaus - if you haven't already - and have a Weisswurst or two!

  5. I don't see what is the relation between MySQL and this law.
    I am very surprised to find this pathetic article here.
    I never thought people commited to open-source as a way of life not as a business model would love freedom. This includes freedom to smoke.
    It seems I was very wrong.

  6. The same here! (Rosario, Argentina)
    We are so glad about it that even smokers had to admit the improvement...

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