Saturday, 19 January 2008

Becoming MySQL's Ambassador to Sun

This is a week full of changes. It's been a wonderful week for me, meeting with so many MySQLers, telling the rest of the departments about our Community, having productive meetings, being acquired by Sun, and singing Karaoke with my colleagues from the Legal Team as well as performing drinking songs that get posted on YouTube.

The latest change came today. I'll put my duties as VP Community Services on a spare flame, and focus on the integration of MySQL into Sun. Title unknown (as we're still just planning the integration, not executing it), but something like "MySQL Ambassador to Sun".

We want to take Sun by storm. My task will be to get out the message to Sun. "It's not that I want you to filter the emails, but ...", said my boss MÃ¥rten. And as usual with sentences that start with "It's not that I want you to", the exact opposite is meant. So I'll try to distinguish the requests for "super-important trade events in Muchasransk" from those truly worthy of attention, which I'll promote within MySQL.

I'll learn about Sun. I'll teach MySQL about Sun. I'll teach Sun about MySQL. As part of that, I'll visit as many Sun facilities as possible, with a special emphasis on those outside the US (as we've got plenty of other MySQL executives and VPs on US soil).

It's going to be great fun!

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  1. Helt fantastic! Helan lät bra, man blev törstig