Thursday, 4 October 2007

Users Conference 2008 Call for Papers

This is a friendly reminder that we have opened our Call for Participation for the MySQL Users Conference 15-18 April 2008 in Santa Clara, California.

Yes, 15 April next year may seem far away. But 30 October this year isn't. And that's when the Call for Paper closes.

Some UC 2008 highlights:

  • Conference theme is "Harnessing the Power of MySQL"

  • We expect to bring over 1,500 open source and database users together

  • Over 100 sessions, geared toward many skill levels (novice to expert)

Consider to present, especially if you belong to one or more of the below categories:

  • Developer or DBA at an established or up-and-coming company

  • Business manager with purchasing authority

  • Strategist, business developer, CTO, CIO

  • Technology evangelist, scout, entrepreneur pushing their enterprise boundaries

  • Researcher, academic, programmer

To learn how to phrase your submission, click on the below picture and remember

  • Be creative! Conference participants want to hear about real-world scenarios using MySQL, about ways they can be more productive, or write better code. Please submit original session and tutorial ideas that focus on hands-on instruction and real-world examples.

  • Be descriptive! Include in your proposal as much detail about the planned presentation as possible. The more we know about what you plan to present, the better.

  • Be specific! Proposals which are vague or cover too much material are unlikely to be accepted. If you think your proposal covers too much of a topic, consider submitting two proposals which split the material into different sessions.

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