Saturday, 20 October 2007

New Blog Layout

Our Web team has just installed the newest Wordpress MU edition for blogging, and Akismet for spam fighting -- plus a new layout. I'm already relieved from lots of spam, which feels great!

I'd like to make a couple of remarks on the banner, which has pictures by my two favourite portrait photographers, James Duncan Davidson and Julian Cash.

The two leftmost pictures are by Duncan, from panels at the last two MySQL Users Conferences. The first one is from the Clash of the DB Egos at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2007 (no, I am not chewing my nails or eating sweets -- I am blowing a whistle to keep the egos apart), and the second one from the 2006 conference panel interviewing the MySQL founders.

The rightmost one is by Julian, who regularly goes not only to Burning Man but also to Open Source conferences (such as ours 2006). Julian's passion for fisheye in turn has inspired myself to buy an 8mm fisheye myself.

Thank you, Duncan and Julian, for your great photography at various Open Source conferences, and for being a great inspiration for myself as an amateur photographer!

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