Friday, 19 October 2007

Country-specific MySQL Conferences

MySQL UC JapanLocal MySQL offices have hosted country-specific user or customer conferences in a number of countries this autumn:

and we're continuing this with two more conferences

after which the following big one is The Big One, i.e.

We just concluded yesterday's German Kundenkonferenz, with a packed (despite a local transport strike) main room in the Hilton. For me, the highlight was moderating the Storage Engine panel with Ralf Gebhardt, Jan Kneschke and Kai Voigt as vocal, knowledgeable and fun panelists in front of a very interactive audience. "With delight and a dash of horror" (adapted from a Swedish saying) I'm looking forward to moderating next week's equivalent French panel. I anticipate that the my preparations will not be limited to a casual look in my Swedish-French dictionary.

The London, Munich and Paris event are/were similar in nature, with content of both technical and decision-maker nature. The Milan launch is lighter on the technical side, mainly an opportunity to meet the team.

Finally, you've still got a good week, until 30 October 2007, to propose sessions for the 2008 UC in Santa Clara.

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  1. Hey,
    It would be great that someday you could do conferences in South America, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and so on. There are several companies using mysql in those countries.