Friday, 27 July 2007

OSCON Lightning Talk: "State of the Dolphin"

Today at OSCON, MySQL co-founder Michael "Monty" Widenius and I presented the "State of the Dolphin" lightning talk.

My slides for this preso weren't too graphic, which makes them all the easier to reuse in this blog:

Use our new software!

  • Use MySQL 5.1, it‘s soon going RC

  • Use Falcon, it‘s soon going Beta (new transactional storage engine, faster than InnoDB on large servers)

  • Use MySQL Workbench (ER Tool), Now Beta

  • Use MySQL Proxy, just released

  • PHPers: Use mysqlnd (Native Driver)

Go test MySQL 5.1!

  • We‘re happy with the quality

    • More stable than 5.0 was four months after GA

    • RC happening very soon, GA within a few versions after that

    • A better MySQL 5.0 (thousands of small fixes)

  • We‘re happy with the new functionality

    • Table / Index Partitioning

    • Row-based replication – Transfers data instead of commands

    • Full-text indexing parser plugins – Flexible full text search

    • Disk-based Data Support for MySQL Cluster

    • Replication Support for MySQL Cluster

    • XPath Support - helps any customer wanting to better navigate and search XML documents stored in MySQL

    • Internal Task Scheduler (Events)

Other goodies coming soon (5.2, 6.0, ...)

  • Global Backup API

  • Falcon and Maria (MyISAM++) storage engine

  • Further new storage engines

  • Hash & Merge joins (faster subselects)

  • Federated tables over ODBC

  • Foreign key support for all engines

Participate in our Development!

  • Report bugs! Test them! Submit patches!

  • Hang out on Freenode IRC #mysql-dev

  • Subscribe to to see our code reviews

  • Attend MySQL University, the foremost education for MySQL developers (of C/C++ code, not apps)

  • MySQL Forge: List your MySQL apps! Upload your code snippets! Fix the missing documents!

  • Go visit MySQL Forge Worklog

    • Voting for best features starting soon


We are hiring outstanding C/C++ developers with systems or database engineering experience.
Visit or email resume to

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