Wednesday, 16 May 2007

In Search of a CIO for MySQL

Last week, I wrote about my subjective Top Ten Reasons To Work For MySQL. Let me be a bit more specific this week. We're looking for a CIO!

This leadership opportunity is about leading our IT department as CIO/Vice President of IT. Personally, I had a stab at these responsibilities before becoming VP Community Relations, and I can tell you it is a challenge.

MySQL’s technology is helping power the internet and we are enjoying explosive growth. Our company unites the power of open-source computing with web-based application providers and the CIO is leading this evolution from the front. Ideally, the candidate comes from like-minded enterprises and thrives in the excitement of being part of an international, virtual company providing disruptive technology.

The main responsibility of the CIO of MySQL is to ensure the proper functioning and scaling of IT systems for the entire customer lifecycle and for administrative functions. MySQL is a vital piece of the modern online world, and we want our own IT infrastructure to be a leading example of this.

Millions of people and tens of thousands of organizations depend on MySQL every single day, and we want to provide them with an unparalleled experience from the moment they visit our website all through their life as a paying MySQL customer. Our mission-critical internal systems for communication, collaboration, administration and financials need to scale with our rapid growth. And from all these systems and data repositories we need to continually produce useful reports and analytics. Only with highly functional and well integrated IT systems, whether on-premise or on-demand, can we reach our goals.

And, be prepared for a set of colleagues who can be both a great resource for you (as your fellow MySQLers are both knowledgeable and helpful) and very challenging (as your fellow MySQLers are also very opinionated, and have high expectations for how IT should be run)!

For a details, please visit our career page on or e-mail your resume directly to our HR team:

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