Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Monty: The First MySQL Fellow

At the end of today's Clash of the DB Egos keynote, I had the pleasure of delivering the following speech:

Monty: When I was a child, my father used to work for the same company as Mike Smith [1] works for now. He told me about the concept of an IBM Fellow, which is considered to be the highest honour a technologist at IBM can achieve. Some of them are Nobel Prize winners, you get the picture. Today, MySQL has decided to honour you, for your work so far, and for the work we hope you will put in for the benefit of MySQL and its Community for many years to come. Thank you for creating MySQL, and for making meaning (like Guy Kawasaki spoke about yesterday [2]). You, Monty, have made all of this possible: the storage engines, the ecosystem, the conference. You've inspired and continue to inspire millions of users around the world, whom you've given a reliable, performant, and easy to use database that is available and affordable for all. While you might still have to work on the Nobel Prize, you are now the world's first MySQL Fellow.

Tack [3], Monty!

[1] Mike Smith is the Chief Architect for DB2 and i5/OS and an IBM Distinguished Engineer, as well as an Ego in the Clash keynote
[2] Guy Kawasaki gave a keynote about The Art of Innovation
[3] "Thank you" in Swedish.

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