Friday, 13 April 2007

BoF Sessions at the MySQL Conference & Expo

Lenz made a good summary of the DotOrg Pavilion exhibitors at the Expo part of the MySQL Conference & Expo ten days from now. To recap, the DotOrg Pavilion is a part of the exhibition area reserved for Open Source projects. Our attempt has been to collect the DotOrg pavilion to be a mecca for OSS enthusiasts, writers, speakers, and advocates. We are fortunate to have attracted some of the world's most recognised free software organisations, and new up and coming projects.

A related type of reason to register for the conference are the BOF sessions. Birds of a Feather sessions are the informal evening sessions where people sharing an interest meet face to face. You can still organise your own BoF. There are sixteen BoFs already:

BoFs Monday evening 23 April 2007

BoFs Tuesday evening 24 April 2007

BoFs Wednesday evening 25 April 2007

Please check the "Birds of a Feather Sessions" message board located in the Conference Registration Area for up-to-the-minute changes and information.

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