Wednesday, 21 March 2007

MySQL Global Sports Day

Our friendly Human Resources department started a new initiative this week: We have a Global Sports Day for all our >360 employees in >29 countries. That means that us MySQLers are to get off the keyboard, move our bodies, and document our activities for the rest of the company to see. We are reimbursed for expenses, and the most creative activity / picture / story will get an additional reward.

Lenz and I happened to have planned a Community meeting for today already quite a while ago, so we decided to combine this with the Sports Day. Our local version in Hamburg took us 5,43 km through Niendorfer Gehege in 0:31:35. For myself, this means that I have run a total of 161 km so far this year, for about 15 hours, at an average speed of 10,3 km (I'm sure you're interested). For Lenz, this was the first time he moved himself this year out of "free" will on a bike.

Lenz getting ready on bike ...... and Kaj on foot.

Kaj running ...

... and Lenz biking.

Getting dark in the Niendorfer Gehege.

Kaj and Lenz getting closer to the goal.

The reason I know the exact distance of 5,43 km is that I bought a Garmin Forerunner 305 earlier this year. I fear this gadget won't be within the budget of the Sports Day reimbursement, but it's great fun for a running geek. Hey, if it motivates me to run more, it's worth it! Perhaps I should read up on the notes from MySQL Camp last November about how the Motion Based guys (a Garmin subsidiary) are using MySQL for spatial data.

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