Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Evaluating the MySQL Summer of Code Applications

Having taken a look at the 35 MySQL Summer of Code applications, I can now say that we have several very strong applications, such as:

  • IPv6: Enabling MySQL to connect over IPv6 internet

  • MySQL Based Atom Store (storing Google GDATA in MySQL)

  • Test case development / Load testing

  • Test suite development

  • MySQL Auditing Software

  • The "anti-profiler" - a performance analysis tool for database engines

For several of the above, we have multiple good applications. The applicants come from recognised universities across the world, not just the US and Europe. Some have extensive experience from professional software development. Sadly, we will end up having to reject several good proposals.

In addition to the challenging task of picking the best applications, we also have to prepare them for Google's final approval. We expect to get it done by Friday, and Google to have approved (a subset of) our recommendations by the end of next week.

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