Monday, 12 March 2007

Community Engineering Team Established

The MySQL Community Team has been strengthened, getting an Engineering arm able to process code patches.

Giuseppe MaxiaChad Miller

In an effort to align MySQL company resources to support an Architecture of Participation, we have reallocated Chad Miller and Giuseppe Maxia from the Engineering team to form the Community Engineering team. Chad is allocated towards enabling us to quickly review code patches (bug fixes, new features) and Giuseppe towards our Quality Contribution Program.

Looking at this from a Community perspective, this forms the following step in the process of opening up our Development Model and supporting the Architeture of Participation. Looking at it from an internal company perspective, this forms the following step in the specialisation of resources -- a development which started more than five years ago when we dedicated some of our engineers mainly to Support, while others remained in Development.

No matter from which perspective you look at it, the establishment of the Community Engineering Team is intended this to increase our level of responsiveness to community contributions. And that is an area where we still have room for improvement. Our bugs system contains some skeletons in the form of pending community-provided patches, such as the performance enhancements of Gunnar von Boehn. The Engineering department has been busy fixing bugs according to certain priorities (which aren't wrong per se), and the Community department has lacked the technical expertise to be able to safely apply patches. Now, we have an organisational unit which has as its main priority to work for and with community contributors, and which has the technical skill set required. This unit, Community Engineering, only depends on the rest of Engineering for reviews.

I've already mentioned it in my Summer of Code blog entry, but it bears repeating: We've seen some early wins based on this organisational change. One of our top Quality Contributors, Martin Friebe, submitted a bug report including a test case and a bug fix code patch. Through the allocation of Giuseppe and Chad to Community Engineering, the patch was verified and applied to the tree within two hours of the bug report. I hope we are able to continue down this road!

Welcome, Giuseppe! Welcome, Chad! And thanks to our VP Engineering, Jeffrey Pugh, for letting me have them!

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