Tuesday, 27 March 2007

35 Applications for MySQL Summer of Code Grants

Today, the time closed to apply for student positions at MySQL Summer of Code. We are very fortunate and thankful to have got 35 applicants fulfilling the formal requirements of an application fully entered and coupled with a task announced on http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/SummerOfCode -- thank you!

Our next task is to narrow this group down to the number of projects which can actually start. This will be a much smaller number. Even in the theoretical case that Google would allow us to have 35 projects (and they won't), we don't have the internal mentoring resources to guide that many Summer of Code projects.

Colin Charles has already been quite busy replying to the incoming flood of applications, insisting on them being more specific than "I'm in, just give me any task!". Still, some applications are a bit too general for us to be able to pick them. For the others, we will group them into projects that

  1. affect the MySQL Server code base

  2. affect the code base of a MySQL Connector

  3. affect the code base of a MySQL GUI tool

  4. expand or improve the test suites of MySQL Server

  5. introduce new code bases for MySQL AB itself

  6. involve the code bases of entities in MySQL's ecosystem

where the last category is quite an interesting one, where both Sheeri Kritzer and Paul McCullagh have signed on as mentors and have cool projects described on the Forge Summer of Code page.

Expect us to be done next week, in time for the Google Summer of Code deadline for picking projects. In the meantime, we will be quite busy internally pairing up the tasks with the most suitable mentors.

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