Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Launching the Quality Contribution Program

I'm happy to now announce the full Quality Contribution program tentatively described in December.

Some basics: We understand that the main reason users report bugs is to get them fixed. That said, we still think we have plenty of opportunities of improving our ways when it comes to making it easier for you to help us.

The Quality Contribution Program goal is to improve the quality of MySQL products, with the active co-operation of the MySQL user community. The program facilitates this by

  1. visibly acknowledging the participants by attributing individual quality enhancements to them;

  2. rewarding the participants with benefits in proportion to their contribution (Awards are subscriptions to MySQL Enterprise);

  3. streamlining the process of contributing to MySQL Quality for the benefit of both current and future contributors

Quality Contributions fall into three categories: (i) bug reports, (ii) test cases, and (iii) code patches. We evaluate each contribution with a publicly verifiable set of rules, and the contributor accumulates the QA points for all contributions submitted during the last 12 months.

The award is MySQL Enterprise subscriptions:

Candidate:someone who has started doing contributions
Basic:a proven contributor, who has submitted material, earning at least 50 QA points and a
MySQL Enterprise Basic subscription;
Silver:a very productive contributor, earning at least 200 QA points and a MySQL Enterprise
Silver subscription;
Gold:a phenomenal contributor, who has earned at least 500 QA points and a MySQL Enterprise
Gold subscription;
Platinum:The contributor that makes the headlines, having delivered contributions up to 1000
QA points and thus getting a MySQL Enterprise Platinum subscription;

And let me thank the 60 Quality Contributors that have already enrolled! Specifically, I want to list by name the topmost 20 contributors, to which MySQL and its user community is greatly indebted:

Top contributors

NonameQA pointslevel
1Martin Friebe306Silver
2Beat Vontobel, MeteoNews AG285Silver
3Debian user community264Silver
4Heinz Schweitzer243Silver
5Carl F. Karsten, dabodev.com207Silver
6Jared Sullivan, Paradigm IT Solutions153Basic
7Olaf van der Spek150Basic
8Peter Laursen, Webyog Softworks Private Limited ("Webyog")
9Jocelyn Fournier, www.mesdiscussions.net132Basic
10Peter Zaitsev, MySQLPerformanceBlog.COM130Basic
11Gisbert W. Selke, TapirSoft126Basic
12John Yodsnukis, dbbd.net100Basic
13Paolo "pabloj" Magnoli, pabloj.blogspot.com99Basic
14Dave Pullin, ColdLogic LLC96Basic
15Andreas PÃ¥hlsson90Basic
16Jeremy Cole, Proven Scaling LLC90Basic
17Marc Castrovinci, Smartonline.com90Basic
18Yoshiaki Tajika, NEC System Technologies80Basic
19Roberto Spadim, Spadim Technology / Brazil75Basic
20Stefaan "Annunaki" Lesage, PeopleWare N.V.72Basic

For us to be able to accept test cases and bug patches from a legal perspective, we have to ask our contributors to agree to our Contributor License Agreement, which exists in a click-through form. Should you have any questions on this or other matters, please contact Giuseppe Maxia and/or myself at firstname@mysql.com.

So please enroll in the program and help us identify, test and fix our bugs!