Wednesday, 10 January 2007

MySQL 5.0.33 Community Server released

MySQL Community Server 5.0.33 has now been released. It is a pure bugfix release, delivered in a source-only form as a tarball for Unix and for Windows (we provide separate sources for these, as the build procedure differs) on

The release contains all bug fixes applied to MySQL Server 5.0 since the last Community release 5.0.27 in October 2006. The jump in numbers from .27 to .33 is to make it clear that .33 is up-to-date to the level of MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.32, released about two weeks ago. We reserve the even version numbers for MySQL Enterprise, while odd version numbers indicate a Community Server Release. Both use the same "5.0" version part, as they share the same code base.

We are in the process of applying several patches provided by Community members, currently in our Contributions Pipeline. I expect several of these enhancements to be merged soon enough for the next MySQL Community Server to be released in February as 5.0.35. On the contrary, they will not appear in MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.

The release notes for MySQL 5.0 have been split into separate sections of the MySQL 5.0 reference manual. This means that the documentation of the bug fixes of MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.28, 5.0.30 and 5.0.32 have been copied into the release notes for MySQL Community Server 5.0.33.

The purpose of this MySQL Community Server release is twofold:

a) to deliver recent, fresh bug fixes to the MySQL community
b) to establish and test the practice of source tarball releases

As such, the bug fixes have been available in source form both as part of the BitKeeper source repository on and as MySQL Enterprise Server source releases on our ftp site However, we believe Linux distributions and Open Source fluent community users of MySQL are better served by a tagged MySQL Community Server release, which is available on our download server and has one single set of release notes.

Through establishing source tarball releases, we follow the tradition of many other FOSS projects. This provides more possibilities for Community Contributions in the means of binary builds.

We refer to our reference manual, especially the chapter 2.4.14. MySQL Installation Using a Source Distribution when it comes to building MySQL Community Server. At the same time, I want to point out that the service of providing MySQL Enterprise Server binaries is something we do for our paying customers, in the form of the MySQL Enterprise Server subscription, starting at 595 dollars a year.

We strive to release MySQL Enterprise Server on a monthly basis. While we don't have a specific schedule or policy for when MySQL Community Server is released in binary form, I expect the next Community release, 5.0.35, to be available as source and binaries for the same platforms as MySQL Enterprise Server and as the previous MySQL Community Server binary release 5.0.27. Until that point in time, the 5.0.27 binaries will be the ones listed on the normal MySQL 5.0 download pages at

Distributors of MySQL Community Server are welcome to contact Colin Charles and Lenz Grimmer, with proposals for process improvements (at Better still, subscribe to the archived and public mailing list at, which Colin and Lenz are monitoring. That list as our discussion forum for builders of MySQL releases, both already existing ones like the various distributors, and for new community contributors that want to step up and provide binaries, including Windows.

Please note that while the release has undergone testing, 5.0.33 is our first source only MySQL Community Server release, so I expect there to be some room for process improvement on our side.

Amongst the bug fixes, there is one that I want to highlight. It is listed as the innocent-looking bullet "InnoDB showed substandard performance with multiple queries running concurrently. (Bug#15815)". This is a fix to an issue especially surfacing on multiple-core processors. You testing in such environments is much appreciated. As a reference, you may want to read the Bugs database entry as well as two articles from Peter Zaitsev -- one from a week ago, another from last September.


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