Monday, 18 December 2006

Thank you, Quality Contributors!

To show our gratitude towards those who help us, and to help MySQL users help us even better, we will soon be announcing a "Quality Contributor Programme". As we have identified the best contributors of 2006 based on submitted bug reports, I asked a number of people last Friday and Saturday whether they would accept to be listed on our Quality Contributor list on our website at

I am overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the response during the past 48 hours. Let me already now give some pre-announcement recognition to some of those who have helped us make MySQL better.

Don't worry: we do understand that the main reason users report bugs is to get them fixed. However, we still think we have plenty of opportunities of improving our ways when it comes to making it easier for you to help us, even if our bug fixing capacity should remain unchanged. Expect to soon hear more about this from Giuseppe Maxia, our QA Developer in charge of the MySQL Quality Contributor Programme.

To be specific, we are looking at making it easier to not only supply bug reports, but also test cases and (something which is interesting only for a subset of all bug reporters) bug patches. That will involve legal aspects such as our Contributor License Agreement (which exists in a click-through form).

Hence, a big Thank You for your bug reports goes to

  1. Martin Friebe

  2. Debian user community

  3. Heinz Schweitzer

  4. Carl F. Karsten,

  5. Olaf van der Spek

  6. Peter Laursen, Webyog Softworks Private Limited ("Webyog")

  7. Jocelyn Fournier,

  8. Gisbert W. Selke, TapirSoft

  9. John Yodsnukis,

  10. Paolo "pabloj" Magnoli,

  11. Dave Pullin, ColdLogic LLC

  12. Marc Castrovinci,

  13. Jeremy Cole, Proven Scaling LLC

  14. Yoshiaki Tajika, NEC System Technologies

  15. Roberto Spadim, Spadim Technology / Brazil

  16. Philip Stoev, DBIx::MyParse

  17. Stefaan "Annunaki" Lesage, PeopleWare N.V.

  18. Frank Maas, Cheiron IT,

  19. Jasper Potjer, Gios Voice Professionals

  20. Peter Brawley, Artful Software Development

  21. Paul McCullagh, PrimeBase XT,,

  22. Sebastian 'Cybot' Mendel, phpMyAdmin Team

  23. Felix Geerinckx

  24. David Dindorp, Dubex A/S

  25. Mark Johnson

  26. Scott Noyes

  27. Arkadiusz 'arekm' Miśkiewicz, PLD/Linux

  28. Vyacheslav Kvasnitsky, Real Web Solutions,

  29. Joshua Kugler,

  30. Kevin Benton,

  31. Andreas "Andi" Krüger, Biosigna Medical Diagnostics GmbH

  32. KimSeong Loh , GlobaLINK Solutions Pte Ltd

  33. Daniel Kasak,

  34. Matthew Heald

  35. Michael Wallner,

  36. Mick Francis, Deltascheme Ltd.

  37. Alexander Hristov,

  38. Bill Karwin

  39. Jérôme Despatis, Source RH

  40. Christopher Yeleighton, formerly

  41. Kevin Roberts, Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta

  42. Patrick "petitchevalroux" Poulain,

  43. Paul Rivers, UC Berkeley

  44. Ching Pong "Asuka Kenji" Siu,

  45. Adam Dixon

  46. Dan Kloke,

  47. Peter Benjamin Volk, FOSS:, AMTC-Dresden (, TU-Dresden (

  48. David Shrewsbury

  49. Anthony Willard

  50. Peter Brodersen,

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