Thursday, 14 December 2006

MySQL 4.0 has reached the final stage of its lifecycle

MySQL 4.0 has now reached the final stage of its active development life cycle. As I noted on 12 July 2006 when announcing the MySQL Lifecycle Policy, keeping legacy versions of our software alive is expensive and time-consuming. While we know that database administrators hate to upgrade their databases, we believe that the vast majority of our customers and our community are better served by us focusing our attention on newer releases. However, we don't want to abandon users of our older products -- so we are asking them to help subsidise the cost themselves.

This means that those who wish to continue to receive our support for MySQL 3.23 and MySQL 4.0 will need to be covered by a MySQL Enterprise subscription, starting 1 Oct 2006 for MySQL 4.0.

In practice,

  1. We are no longer producing new binary updates for MySQL 4.0 for the
    general public.

  2. Soon, we will be removing the archived versions of old MySQL 4.0
    binaries from our web site.

  3. The MySQL 4.0 source code will remain available on our web site in tarball format.

As a general rule, we encourage everyone to upgrade from MySQL 4.0 to a newer release.

However, those who wish to continue to get support for MySQL 4.0 during its Extend Lifecycle Timeframe (which will continue for another two years until 31 Dec 2008) are referred to the MySQL Enterprise subscription service.

A MySQL Enterprise subscription will not only give you access to support for older versions, but also assistance with migrating to the most current production release, MySQL 5.0.


  1. MySQL 4.X : la fin

    Kaj Arnö l'annonce sur son blog, MySQL 4 ne sera plus développé et le suppert ne sera disponible que moyennant finance. J'en connais certains que ça va faire raler...

  2. Entre zero et un: Ce n'est pas encore "la fin" dans la même façon pour 4.1. Il y a une difference de plusieurs années entre 4.0 et 4.1.

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